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Worship is about blessing people through the real presence of Christ, and this blessing and outpouring of God's grace is more than programatic style. Every community includes multiple lifestyle groups and each group has distinct spiritual yearnings and hopes that motivates them to worship. 

 We help churches adapt and multiply relevant worship choices and discipleship outcomes for each lifestyle segment in your community and demographic context.  

Don't just guess at who 
and how to bless!

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People Matter(s)
Clergy Coaching 
InConnexion Coaching and Consulting Services
The most effective coaching/learning covenants are never one-size-fits all.  We'll start with your questions, yearnings, strengths, gifts, and passion.  Then fuel our coaching sessions with God's desire to connect with you in a fresh way,  your unique ministry context where Jesus is already at work and my depth of experience and abundant resources.

This combination can ignite authentic mission driven results for pastor and people

Most coaching covenants are 3-6 months in length, fee per hourly session--email check-ins in-between. Pre-paid coaching packages provide a 10-15% savings

Your discoveries, God’s vision, ministry context & spiritual growth drive the agenda! Specialties in worship, vocational discernment, and guiding church change. 

​"Lucinda gave me hope, when I thought my time in ministry was running out...I didn't quit, but I did get clear on my personal mission...and what God was calling me to be and do."

 You have heard that ministry rises and falls on Leadership. I would add that effective leadership is built on strong, healthy and life giving relationships between Pastor and people.  And such relationships are built on intentional conversation that calls forth gifts, talents and mission and ministry that is blesses the individual and broadens the hope filled work of Jesus Christ. 

Don't just fix things that go wrong!  Start off with a solid foundation of trust that helps all things go right!  Move the mission with effective communication!
     People Matter(s)